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windscreen repair bury

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windscreen repairs bury


Q : What causes a  windscreen stone chip ?

A : Windscreens today are what is called laminated glass this means that the windscreen is actually 2 peices of glass with a clear laminent inbetween the two layers.   When a stone hits the front windscreen it causes an air pocket in the top layer of the glass, the silver or black discolouration you will see is just a reflection of the glass pocket similar to a crack in a miror. The windscreen repairs that have any colour distortion like this are in need to be repaired asap to prevent them from getting worse. 

Q : What causes the chip to crack ?

A : On a cold morning when the windscreen freezes the water vapour gets inside the air pocket of the windscreen chip.  As the water vapour freezes it expands the pressure caused by the ice expanding is what causes the windscreen to crack.  Sometimes the stone chip will not be completely filled with moisture but when you turn the defrost on the front windscreen the rapid change in the tempature can also causes the stone chip to crack  this is why pouring boiling water from the kettle is not a good idea as if you have a stone chip this probably will cause it to crack further.

Q : How does the windscreen repair work ?

A : To make it simple we clean the windscreen stone chip next we prepare the damage by making a pathway to the air pocket then we fill the chip with a specialist glass resin. what this does is restores the car window  back to 100% of its strenth and ensures there is no where for moisure to gather there for nowhere for the water to freeze and cause the stone chip to crack.

Q : Does the stone chip vanish after the windscreen repair ?

A : This is imposible to make the windscreen repair completely vanish. The tv ads most people have seen are computer generated. How good the repair looks will depend on how long it has been on you windscreen the sooner you repair the chip the better it will look,  we aim to get 80 – 98 % visibility improvement all windscreen repairs we carry out.

Q : Are car window repairs permanent ?

A : Yes  our windscreen repairs are permanent   in fact we are so confident in our windscreen repairs we offer a money back guarantee on any stone chips we repair.

Q : How much does it cost ?

A : WE OFFER  WINDSCREEN REPAIRS  IN BURY AT AN AMAZING   £39.95   WHICH DOES ALL OF THE STONE CHIPS ON YOUR WINDSCREEN.  (get a quote from auto glass and thats your proof we will save you 50 % all we ask in return is tell your friends and family about us)