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Having your car window broken is starting to be  a common cause of ditress. Normally car windowsare broken by theives looking to steal sat navs or other electronic devices.  Broken Car windows In the Manchester are on the rise but their are a few things you can do to minimise your chances of having your car window broken again.

Never leave your sat nav on your car window

Always clean the suction cup mark from your your car window

Never leave any electronics in your car especially visible to walkers by

If possible park in a well lit area

Window tint acts as a deterent as the car window will not fall apart

If your car window has been broken the first thing to do if possible is to secure the car window exposed to the elements.  Its bad enough you have been the victim of theft or vandalism but your car window can be easily replaced if it rains though you dont want the interior of the car to get wet as mildew will quickly set in.  The best way to quickly secure your car is to take a dustbin  bag  open the door that has the broken car window (use caution as the glass cubes look harmless but are very sharp and can easily cause injury do not attempt to clean the car we will do it for you and it will damage your vacume cleaner)  tape the dustbin bag to the inside of the door lightly pull the bag over the top of the door and close the door.   Now pull the bag down over the car window  towards the bottom of the door and tape the bag to the outer door.  Be careful not to scratch your paint work if their is any glass on the outer door on the paint do not brush off  take a cup of water and remove the glass this way as it shouldnt  damage the paintwork.  Never attempt to dismantle the door yourself modern cars are full of fragile plastic components and wlot of the time can end up doubling the cost of the work as most door mechanisms are dealer parts and the plastic parts come as a kit or as part of the window regulator ( the regulator winds the car window up and down )  We hope this has been helpful to you and even though having your car window broken is not a pleasent experience we learn by our mistakes so if you have had your car window broken due to a stolen sat nav or other electronic device dont leave it in the car unattended again.

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