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Covering the Monetary Costs of Repairing Your Cars Windscreen

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Windscreen Replacement


Windscreen Replacement

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Covering the Financial Costs of Repairing Your Cars Windscreen

Article by Josie Anderson

Replacement windscreen

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  • Graphic Display Sound Meter
  • Type: Sound Meter – Analog
  • Description: Windscreen
  • Range (dB): 30-130dB in the A scale and 35-130dB in the C scale
  • Function: Min/max hold
  • Accuracy: ┬▒1.5 dB
  • Resolution: 0.1 dB
  • Power: 9V Battery
  • Display: LCD
  • Output: AC/DC
  • Manufacturer number: 840091
  • Model: 840091
  • Part Number: AO-50536-04
  • Package Quantity: EACH

Windscreen Replacement

Most sound meters incorporate a processing network that assigns relative importance to low-, middle-, and high-frequency signals. By comparing differently weighted measurements, you can isolate the source of problem sounds. “A” Weighting attenuates the lower frequencies to approximate the response of the human ear, which is most sensitive to frequencies between 3000 and 4000 Hz. “B” Weighting gives decibel readings of combined high- and middle-frequency signals. Use in conjunction with A weighti

Replacement windscreen

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Windscreen replacement

Belron® Launches Corporate Responsibility Report
Windscreen Replacement
In most of the countries where we operate we already recycle the damaged windscreens that we replace, but in the few countries where windscreen recycling facilities don't exist we are actively developing recycling solutions that will set the standards